EagleFiler to the Rescue

This is exactly what I want to do → save into EagleFiler then delete from Apple Mail.

My novice question: When I open an email that is saved in an EagleFiler library and it opens in Apple Mail does it save that email back into Apple Mail?

Glad to hear it—thanks for sharing your experience!

If you select Anywhere for the search scope it will search all of the PDF’s text content, too. If the PDF has no text content—because it’s an image/scan rather than a downloaded/printed PDF—currently EagleFiler will only search the PDF’s metadata. If your scanner software has OCR support or you have standalone OCR app, you can use that to add a text layer to the PDF, and EagleFiler will automatically recognize that. There’s also a script to help you do this in bulk for files that are already in EagleFiler. With Ventura adding support for Live Text, I’m working on adding built-in OCR support to EagleFiler. In the current public beta, this works for selecting text within a scanned PDF, and the plan is to extend this to indexing/searching, too.

Personally, I delete messages after importing them to EagleFiler. Otherwise, I’d be way over quota, and Apple Mail’s database and the Mac’s filesystem would be really bogged down. Some people do like to keep messages in Apple Mail after importing/archiving. You can use a separate mailbox, a colored flag, or a date-based smart mailbox to help keep track of which messages have already been imported.

You can use the TextFileTypesForQuickLook setting to make EagleFiler’s main window show Markdown files rendered using the QuickLook extension, no external app or extra click required. That said, I agree that it would be useful to expand the built-in support for Markdown.

By default, Mail is simply viewing EagleFiler’s copy of the message. However, you can use the Message ‣ Copy to command in Mail if you’d like to bring it back into Mail’s data store. Or you can bulk-import a whole mailbox from EagleFiler back into Mail, since EagleFiler stores it in mbox format, which Mail knows how to import.


That’s what I was hoping. Thank you. :grinning:

No, that email stays in its location in EagleFiler. It does not move and does not return to the Apple Mail app. The Mail app’s only role is to open and display the email document until you close that email document again. EDIT: Oops, I did not read down far enough to see this had been answered.)

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That’s fantastic. Thanks.

Same with archives in DT. I assume this behaviour is universal and in these instances the Mail app is basically just a viewer, like how if you open a Pages file outside iCloud it doesn’t save it to the Pages folder unless you tell it to.