Editing Apple Workouts

I had a running work out today that I realized I forgot to end until 30 minutes after I was done. Is there a way to edit the workout to when I stopped?

Even looking at the segments I can tell exactly when it detected I stopped moving.

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It’s frustrating, but I don’t think you can. I’ve tried to do the same in the past and wasn’t able (think it’s to ensure data consistency)

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I wish this was an option, too! I wish, for instance, I could go in on a treadmill run and manually adjust the distance (up or down) as needed to get it more accurate. I know it “learns” from my outdoor runs, but it’s WAY off on my treadmill runs because I’m sure my form is different on a treadmill. I also wish we could add what incline the treadmill was at (or enter feet gained, etc.).

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You might be luckier with some third party app to record data: they should allow more control over it

Something like this maybe

Bit of track but this one is really good too

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the suggestions. Hopefully Apple fixes this since they already want have auto detect (which either I have off or failed me).