Edovia Screens: how to deactivate licensed computers that I dont have anymore?

Screens has a 5 mac limit. I am trying to add a third mac but I am getting the License already utilized error that I assume is the 5 mac limit reached. I goto my Edovia profile, nothing. I look at my Screens apps, nothing. No obvious way to remove old mac activations that I can find.

Its v 4 from outside of the MAS.

Maybe open a support ticket with Edovia?

yeah, that was done first… but who knows if they are even there during the holidays.

they aren’t answering the emails this week so I guess I am out of luck. There seems to be no way to deactivate past licenses on their website (which is creepy by the way as they force you to deactivate cross tracking cookie protection to use it).

just another example of ridiculous DRM punishing users who actually pay for their software. when I trade-in or sell an old mac, I wipe it. I cannot be expected to remember that “oh yeah, this one piece of software needs to be deactivated before uninstalling”. there needs to be web solution or in-app ability to deactivate all past licenses. Also it seems that one of their recent updates required us to reinstall instead of “updating” so now I wonder if that is how I hit the limit… it is all :poop:

oh, and Happy New Year everyone! :grinning:

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I ran into the same problem with Screens and an email to the support team fixed it but I was miffed that it wasn’t just a menu selection to deactivate all licenses at a minimum so I could quickly reactivate the licenses/Macs I needed.

They’ve done plenty of updates to Screens …fix your software UX Edovia.

Yes, after 4 days they responded with the “we reset all of your licenses”… horrible.

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