Education Files and Lesson Plans... How do you Store?

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I see a lot of folks on these boards are teachers or are in academia. How do you all store you course materials?? I have them in files and folders and then I index them with DevonThink. I have them tagged by subject/area etc… and this seems to be working ok. Just curious what others use. I am always learning…

By the way, this is an awesome group - it has quickly become my first stop to read up on Mac stuff.

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My teaching materials (school Physics) are made of:

  1. Keynotes. These have all I need in them to go through the lesson in a free but structured way. I share them with the class.

  2. Everything else. These are Word, PDF, video and other files that the department keeps centrally in Google Drive, organised by lesson. Google search is great, so a folder structure + search covers everything.

There’s a long thread on this - for my take see

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High school physics teacher here… I store all my course materials in Evernote. Though I am a DevonThink fan, Evernote syncs across both my Mac and my school Windows PC, so I can create materials and place them in Evernote on my Mac, turn around, open it on my PC, and send it to a school copier easily. Each unit has its own Evernote folder, and those folders are grouped by course.

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