eGPU: Is this in your office?

Anyone have one of these eGPU in your home office?

No. Or: no yet. Let’s see where this goes. I’d really like CUDA support, but that’s wishful thinking. And no, I am not going to hack something together. Please, Apple: full support for CUDA!

And even if not, I might get one. Depends on how Metal2 and Adobe fit together in the next versions.

Not as of yet. The major software that I would have considered an eGPU for would be Lightroom, and as far as I can tell from online commentary, LR does not benefit appreciably from an eGPU (nor does Photoshop for most, but not all, of its operations).

As far as I can tell thus far, the major benefit to the eGPU relates to gaming and video editing, and since I am not doing either at present, I have decided not to get an eGPU - which I been strongly considering when MacOS support first arrived.

Can you see any speed difference on other software? Good show topic.