Elementary My Dear Sherlock

My thoughts on Sherlocking in blog post form:



LOL, I read the thread title and immediately thought the topic was the Spotlight predecessor, Sherlock from Mac OS 8. Happy memories.

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But I hope you are familiar with the term “Sherlocking”, @anon41602260 . :slight_smile:

Absolutely. It was my initial impression that Reminders in '13 will eliminate a lot of what GoodTask does. I was on the way out the door with GoodTask anyway (hoary, clunky interface), and Reminders '13 will make that happen.

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From the look of the updated Reminders, it seems to be Sherlocking Memento more than GoodTask. I always said I thought Memento (which originally was confusingly called ‘Reminder’) was how Reminders should have looked and acted; apparently Apple agreed.

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Right. My point about citing GoodTask was about what can happen if the database is freely available. Unlike Music and Mail and probably quite a few others.

While I have GoodTask installed I don’t actively use it - as I use OmniFocus for my tasks. But the fact it takes the Reminders database and does stuff is the interesting bit. And somebody else could do a better job than even GoodTask does - and that might well be interesting.

One of my issues with GoodTask is that it stuffs data needed for GT features in the Notes field. So, if an item created by GT is view in Reminders we see:


Clever, maybe. Blatantly kludgey, probably. Only Apple can control the properties for the “reminder” class, and by doing so can, with a stroke of the pen (metaphorically) coopt – or “sherlock” – GoodTask.

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Nice overview of iOS 13 Reminders in this new post over at The Sweet Setup:


Right. Notes field might get co-opted by Apple or locked down. But it is part of the API.

And I was alluding to the kludginess in my post. It’s creative but could bemuse users. And if a user edited this pseudo-metadata (to coin a phrase) :slight_smile: GoodTask could get confused.

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