Elgato Stream Deck XL

icalBuddy calendars will show a list of all of the calendars that icalBuddy can see. That may help too.

See https://hasseg.org/icalBuddy/man.html for a full list of commands.

thanks for that tip on calendars - I can now see all my calendars bar one (for some strange reason one Google calendar appears in my fantastical OK but icalBuddy does not pick it up).

I’ll have to do a bit more digging on goggle site

UPDATE: found a way round the problem by subscribing my recalcitrant google calendar so it’s now visible, and I had to turn off the regular gmail calendar account in fantastical to prevent double appointments.

One more thing, now its working (with one calendar), when it finishes the last appointment, the tiles stays on red and does not go onto the fantastical icon.
UPDATE: read through all the macros carefully and found I’d missed the column number off the end of the important macro!!

Thanks for your support and patience with a (very rusty) programer!

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You’re welcome! I’ve received lots of help over the years myself, so I’m glad to ‘pay it forward’.


unrelated question, can it show upcoming meeting in Mac menubar?

You might be interested in Fantastical or MeetingBar.

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great, meetingbar is just the solution I’d been looking for @Drewster

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Hello! I’ve been relying heavily on the calendar event notification system that @tjluoma set up, but I’m having trouble getting it to work on the Ventura public beta (I know, I know, betas…). Has anyone else run into issues here?

I think the problem, unsurprisingly, is with icalbuddy. Even using TJ’s updated version, I get error: no calendars when I try to run the script in Terminal. I assume that’s why I get to stare at Fantastipal all day when I know I actually have meetings.

All of this to say: Has anyone else had issues on Ventura and have you found a fix?

Thanks in advance!