Email App for iOS

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a quality e-mail app for iOS?

Past apps

  • Mail (limited)
  • Newton (subscription / shut-down)
  • Spark (delayed notification)
  • Gmail (limited)
  • Edison (Email) (limited)

Current app I am using

  • Airmail - my issues with it are in the last 3-6 months. It severely lags, I will delete an email, it disappears from my screen, only to have it show up again. I have tried messaging the developers but there’s never a response.

I wish there was an app that combined Spark and Airmail together. I like the single sign on for Spark, it’s easy to setup multiple devices. Airmail is not fun in that part. I like that I can send stuff to where it needs to go (Drafts, Omnifocus, etc) I don’t care much for snoozing, smart inboxes, etc I keep all my email accounts well maintained with filters and rules.

Which brings me to the next step…

I also have 18 Gmail accounts (yes, yes, I know too many, but I wear several hats and I need to keep all the emails separate)


Limited in what way?

In comparison to Airmail (my current email app). The stock Mail app lacks an action list.