Email converting .docx to .doc?

Hi Everyone,

Not sure what’s going on with my computer or my boss’s computer. We’re both on Macs using MS Office. He’s complaining to me that my email attachments to him (Word and Excel) are .doc and not .docx.

However, the documents are all .docx on my computer. I’m using Outlook on my Mac and he’s using Mail.

Anyone have an idea what to check on my settings? On his?

I’m stumped.

I’ve rarely use Word and am not an expert. But, to my knowledge, neither Outlook/Mac or has the ability to convert these files. I wonder if something is just truncating the “x” on the .docx extension?

When he opens one of these files does he see "Compatibility Mode” displayed at the top of Word?

If not, this may be a clue that the documents have not been converted and only the extensions have been changed.

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What happens if you try sending using webmail? Or upload the file to a document sharing service like OneDrive or Sharepoint? Does it still happen then?