Email Filing Assistant

Hi, I was looking at apps to help me organize and move email. Of course Mailhub came up in my search and it looks like it was abandoned several years ago. However, some users in the forums suggested There are two version, the [lite version]( for $1.99 and the full version

Does anybody have experience with the app? Or any other recommendations? Thanks.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Don’t file. Learn to search. The best investment of my time was to learn to search in my email client of choice.

That said:

I do also use Sanebox, which separates the important emails from spam, newsletters, bulk etc. What I need to read is front and centre in my inbox. I have trained Sanebox to put emails from the bank, accountant and the taxman to a “Financial” folder.

For the rest; the best filing is to not file at all. Everything older than 30 days in inbox and @sanelater (where Sanebox files less important mail) goes to the archive. All other mail disappears magically into the trash.

The best function in Sanebox is BlackHole. Drag a mail there and you will not see a mail from that sender again. No unsubscribing, nothing.


If you use Alfred, have a look on this:

Totally agree with your assessment. I picked up on Sanebox through a promotion on MPU. Have had for a few years and it is terrific. I do the Lunch subscription that covers two email accounts. Obviously work and personal.

I also love the feature of forwarding emails to the appropriate person in my business and getting a folder for emails I have been copied on.
And of course,“THE BLACK HOLE”. A great feature.

@svsmailus The way my brain works is by putting things into buckets. I get enough emails that I like to have tiers for what to get to first, second, and third. Fortunately, I can sort by sender or domain and have manually setup rules that way. I was hoping to find a more robust solution.

I’ve heard about Sanebox and will look into it.

I would prefer search but it seems that I can’t always find the item when I search in Apple Mail, which I kind of fault apple mail for.

I use MailMate with the “Move to mailbox” (also has shortcuts) and IMAP folders for having a special folder for my invoices (no matter which email I received it with). MailMate has a very powerful search (with saved searches as virtual folders), I don’t need any extra application to help filing.

If you have strong patterns (e.g. everything with “invoice” in subject should move to folder x), you can also create rules that do some automated sorting.

On mobile, Preside might be an option as well.