Email filters and label automation

For my writing work I have signed up (and receive) for many corporate newsletters delivered via email. When it is time to review these newsletter emails I’d like to assign them a label in Gmail. I have done this many times in Gmail, but hoping there is a better alternative (app or service) than Gmail filters. I could write a script to add email addresses to the list, I that doesn’t seem to be the most effective method and I’m sure others have had this issue.

Any ideas?

I believe you could conceivably download your email to EagleFiler or DEVON and run powerful smart searches, but to be honest you are better off creating bespoke filters as new unlabeled emails reach your inbox.

I am going to plug Mailmate again. You can set a rule to tag every mail coming in with certain mail headers (list) or contains “unsubscribe” in the body

Mailing list emails usually contain at least one or both of the above. I do this using Fastmail via mailmate to remove newsletters from my inbox.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m checking out Mailmate. Cheers ~ Jack