Email Message Linking

I’ve been using Airmail for awhile now, but I’m finding myself running into more and more friction over time.

The #1 thing that keeps me using it at the end of the day is the ability to link to messages on iOS and Mac, and the ability to open them on both platforms. I use mail links a lot in both Bear and OmniFocus.

I tried out MailMate, which generates message:// links, but I’ve got some questions:

  1. How do you go about generating these links on iOS? I don’t see a way of doing this through
  2. Is there any way to override these on Mac? If I were switching to MailMate on Mac and on iOS, I wouldn’t want to have opening only when I’m pulling open a link.

I don’t think Mailmate messaging works with iOS. Haven’t found a solution to this outside of airmail. Interested to know as well.