Email no longer gets any notification

My plan for this year is to turn off all email notifications on all devices and check at my own leisure, if I miss an email tbh who cares!!

I’m struggling to think of any time recently that an email containing any information that needed to be dealt with urgently, and it has just turn into a needless distraction.


This obviously depends on how “email culture” is for your workplace and/or job, but I have found that not only does my email not need to be dealt with urgently, even worse, when I do respond to it urgently, it often leads to more emails which aren’t necessarily needed either.

Plus, if you train people that you respond to email immediately, guess what they come to expect?

I’ve started using a feature in MailMate where I can set a delay for sending my reply and sending most at least an hour later. That way I can “send” it now but not get into a back-and-forth.


I did this some time ago; it’s great for your sanity! Personally, I don’t feel like I answer any more or less email than I did with notifications turned on.

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I’ve got that on my phone - no notifications and no badge. My iPad has a badge but my Mac does give me notifications. I think that perhaps your plan isn’t a bad idea for the Mac as well. In fairness, I close email when I’m trying to focus on something else (or work offline with the email).

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My work email is mainly full of Jira notification messages, and my personal email is full of businesses vying for my attention while refusing to unsubscribe

maybe I’m a little jaded at email after all tis time, but I can’t remember the last time something useful or important arrived via email…

Creating a JIRA email rule to move them to another folder was the best thing I ever did for my email sanity.


I have a mail rule that moves any email with the word “unsubscribe” to a folder that I periodically sort through. It’s great at cutting down on the noise in my inbox.

oooh! that’s a good idea!

can I create a rule that auto deletes Jira! and the rest of atlasian products!! :wink:

Unfortunately, I’m the main point of contact for specific items at my University and email is the usual method of contact for me, so I have to be using it. However, I don’t have to respond immediately. When I was a consultant, my firm had a 48 hour target for responding to emails, so I try to follow that still.

Well when I move to another folder, I also mark the email as read, so they’re deleted to all intents and purposes!

Given JIRA has tickets referred to in the subject, you can use the project ID to filter different types of tickets too. For example my team’s JIRA tickets are always is ABC-nnn and IT is IT-nnn so I receive my team updates without getting IT ones.

Chrome OS users have an easy way of silencing distractions. :slight_smile:

Chrome OS users have a difficult time of doing anything productive with Chrome OS :wink:

Says the Mac power user… :stuck_out_tongue: