Email notification software

Hi guys.
Looking for some help. I am looking for software/service that will send out email notifications for tasks and due dates for a medium sized business/NGO.

We need a system to automate this. Most people are technical people, and are either mechanics or pilots, so they are not sitting at desks very often and don’t use reminder apps. As such, the best way to make them aware of due dates for inspections, or expiries, or just general tasks is via email.

Two big requirements/deal breakers:
-Must be able to send email notifications on a set interval before the task is due.
-Must be able to send emails after the reminder/due date if the person ignores the first email (for example, send an email weekly about that item until its complete).

We currently have this automated through a pretty complex excel and VB code. But its pretty cumbersome and i want something with a bit more flexibility, but still those 2 important features.

I tried the business option on todoist, but it will only send one email when the task is due, not continuous reminders every day/week if ignored. Apart from that it checked all the boxes!

An bright ideas?


You could use an email marketing service, which allows you to set automations for blast emails. Many of these services have free tiers below 1,000 users (or 10,000 emails/month), but something more sophisticated (like auto-resend if recipient does not open email or reply) might involve some cost. Services to look into might include ConstantContact, AWeber, MailChimp, and GetResponse… and there are others.

A friend used MailerLite with its free plan for sending out automated reminder emails for her band, and later her wedding. (Looking at their pricing page it appears, but I’m not positive, that a premium plan that does auto-resend would be $50/month for up to 1,000 contacts.)

Thanks. Thats a good idea. Ill look into those.