Enable JavaScript in browser

I’m attempting to submit a bug report to a company regarding their software, via their website. I’ve entered all the requisite information, and want to upload a screenshot. However, when I attempt to do so I’m told to “Enable JavaScript in your browser for this page to function properly”. When I check Safari v15’s Preferences (MacOS 11.6), JavaScript is enabled. I’ve Disabled all of my Extensions (1BlockerX and StopTheMadness), yet the problem persist.

I’ve tried the same thing in Firefox and Brave, and received the same error regarding JavaScript. I have no extensions/plugins for these apps.

Is there something that I’m overlooking? Something in the OS?

Don’t know why but sometimes using a private browsing window make a difference with iffy websites.

Since you’ve tried multiple browsers, which aren’t even based on the same browser engine in the case of Safari and Firefox, it’s all but certain that the website in question has a bug.

Mention it as a separate bug and include a link to the screenshot you can’t upload via Imgur or Dropbox or something like that. Or just compose a regular email if their support email address is public.

You aren’t overlookin’ anything.

Yep, exactly what I was thinking, but I wanted to be 100% sure that something hadn’t been added to the OS, that I wasn’t aware of.