Encrypt.me on iOS

I’ve been having issues with Encrypt.me drops the vpn connection on my iPhone X% (ios14) even though I am actively streaming music over the cell connection. The company where I work limits/prevents streaming over wifi, so I have to use my cell connection for music.

I’ve contacted Encrypt.me support, this is their reply:

"So this is inline with how we use a VPN on a mobile phone, in that the sessions are usually shorter than a session on a laptop or a desktop, because we pick up the phone, use it for a few minutes usually and put it down. The VPN cannot stay connected for too long when the phone is turned off, in the not being used state, "

This is unbelievable. If a client cannot keep a secure connection secure, then it is totally useless.

Check out ExpressVPN. I’ve left it running for days on my iPad.

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Likewise Global Protect.

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Yeah, I use Global Protect for work connections on my Macs, iPad, and iPhone and it stays up for weeks on the iDevices (that client reconnects automatically).

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One appealing aspect of Encrypt.me is that it runs on iOS, MacOS, and iPad.

So do almost all other VPN services.
I use NordVPN, and I could not stop a session even if I tried :joy:

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