Erase everything!

Does anyone ever have one of those days安here they want to delete every app on every device, every hard drive地nd just start all over from scratch ? (except for pictures :rofl:)


Yep, but then realise how much effort itll take and go for a coffee :rofl:


Yes, usually and expresso! :slight_smile:


Yes, and then I hope the universe wasnt listening. Murphy says that the next thing to happen would be a catastrophic hardware failure forcing me to do just that.



Having used computers since the late 1980ies, I am extremely grateful and in awe of the computing power and digital services we now take for granted. I just shot a beautiful macro of a butterfly while listening to CD quality audio on my friggin phone. Then I edited the photo slightly and uploaded it to Instagram.

This is on the same device where I followed the final stretch of Tour de France in real time from a caf矇 earlier today. Not to mention the thousand other uses of this magnificent device that I am currently using for discussing this topic with you guys :slight_smile:

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