Ergonomic keyboard recommendation for macOS / Windows?

Hi, I’m looking for a recommendation for a keyboard that I can use across macOS and Windows, preferably through Bluetooth and can pair a few devices at one go. Not sure if something like this exists, all I can find are offerings for either platform, and most are not wireless. Would really hope to see if there’s something that I missed out!

Thanks in advance!

Really depends on your priorities. If ergo is your priority, then you can get a good wired keyboard with switches you like ( Mechanical Keyboard ) . If wireless is your priority, you may have to sacrifice comfort and key type to get wireless.

For an ergo keyboard with comfort priority, have a look at Keyboardio (I have two of them), or ErgoDox.
For wireless priority, have a look here.

The esoteric keyboards like Keyboardio and ErgoDox are highly programmable, and will help with RSI just from that fact. For instance, I have a key programmed to be a Hyper key (Ctrl+Shift+Opt+Cmd), which reduces my having to press several buttons at once (called chording).

Why did you choose the Keyboard over the ErgoDox? My main worry is getting used to this keyboard layout :sweat_smile:

Oops! I was searching for info on the ErgoDox and just saw that I never answered you.
It’s been a minute, so I don’t remember my rationale for choosing the Keyboardio.
I have a Matias Ergo Pro now, but am still searching for the ultimate keyboard.

I swear by the Microsoft Sculpt (Microsoft, Amazon). It is wireless. It is compact (for an ergonomic keyboard). I’ve used the Sculpt for probably 7 years and have had 5 of them (office, home, replacement, etc.). Best keyboard I’ve used.


Just wondering if the landscape has changed since this topic was created.

I’m looking for recommendations for a keyboard and trackpad that work with macOS and Windows. I’m using a MacBook Air for personal work and HP laptop for work. Both are connected to an external display. Right now an Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad are connected to the Mac. I have the work laptop propped open underneath the monitor and use its built-in keyboard when working. It’s kind of awkward to use for long periods.

This might not exist, but is there a wireless keyboard and trackpad setup that will connect to both laptops and allow me to switch between them?

Edit: I found Logitech MX Keys for Mac which might work. Does anyone have experience with this keyboard?

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I agree. Great keyboards.