Ethernet Switch

Have a tp Link switch connected to a eero. The switch stopped working. I have power cycled all of the connected devices including the eero and the modem. It worked for one day and then when I came home it was no longer working. Have changed out the ethernet cables. Any other suggestions on what I can do to get this back up and working. Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome hhamburg.

I’d check if anything worked plugged directly into the Eero, or in different ports in the switch.

In general small switches are just disposable, and once it starts going flaky and a power cycle doesn’t fix, then you just replace them. The only salve I have for your wound is that switches used to be super expensive, but were not actually any more reliable. Your new one will be cheaper than you imagine it will be.


Could this be your problem?

Are the led’s next to the ports where you have devices connected to green or orange?
If not it s sure tell the switch is dead. If you happen to have a spare power supply (wall warth) with the correct voltage and connector on hand. You might give that a try.

Frankly I would not waist to much time and brain cells on it. It’s just a cheap switch.
Netgear makes great switches for little money. Don’t go fancy with a “managed” switch, keep it simple :wink: