Ethical Issues in Using Artificial Intelligence?

I like this inverted brainstorming!

This has been an ongoing and thought-stimulating discussion. On one side, I’m hearing views like “since AI doesn’t provide sources and it gets factual material wrong, it shouldn’t be used.”

I agree it can’t be depended on for research. However, I think there are lots of other functions that it can help with. See my post, Using AI to Improve Your Writing: Tips and Techniques.

The functions I find very useful cluster around helping me to improve my writing (not replacing it!). I use ChatGPT on a regular basis to suggest blog post headlines. I feed it my blog post text, and it does typically does a great job of suggesting headlines. I’ll hit the redo button a number of times to see what it comes up with. Some I adopt, some I modify, and many I reject.

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