Eufy camera with Homekit

I may be in need of an indoor camera in another space. I don’t need it to record. I just want to be able to see what’s going on there at any given point in time. I also obviously want it to be secure.

The other need I would like is for a couple of other family members to be able to see the camera.

I know that Eufy came out with their Indoor Cam Pan and Tilt that can utilize Homekit but I don’t actually know what that means.

Does anyone know if I can setup the Eufy and have multiple users access it?



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In homekit you can add users to your home and give them access to your video stream.
Not sure that covers your particular need but it can be done

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It’s a good price, and I’m looking at getting one, but I don’t believe you can use the pan feature through HomeKit.

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That the thing that is lacking indeed, the pan function does not work from homekit. Otherwise I find the camera’s extremely good value for money.


I got it a few days ago, and yes the functionality from inside HomeKit is limited. I think option for the camera to follow people as they move is a little creepy but I like it, gives me a laugh when I see people looking at me with horror.

Overall very happy with the purchase, and at the price point it’s unbeatable.


Yes I have the eufy pan and tilt cam. You can set it up with HomeKit but I tend to use the app.

With the app you can tilt and move the camera, speak out loud, record etc. …and yes multiple users can use it.

You add a micro usb so everything is stored on the device.

The only thing is it is Eufy is a Chinese company. However I haven’t set it up to use the cloud so I am trusting the data is safe…hopefully.

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Thanks all for posting. I actually called their support and spoke to someone. As it turns out, a lot of features are not supported with Homekit, including but not limited to no 2k or audio, crying/audio detection.

The only thing is it is Eufy is a Chinese company. However I haven’t set it up to use the cloud so I am trusting the data is safe…hopefully.

Eufy is owned by Anker.

“eufy is part of Anker Innovations, one of the leading and most trusted consumer electronics brands in America.”

Anker , a Chinese brand founded in 2011 by ex-Google engineer Steven Yang, debuted on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 24th.

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I’m really interested to buy that one and use it via HomeKit and iCloud Secure Video.

I saw that the lens will turn to point up into the housing (for privacy) if it is shut off.
Does this work via HomeKit or only from the Eufy app? Can this be automated somehow? For example via Shortcuts when I tap a NFC chip once I get home?

If this doesn’t work, would it be possible to hook it up to a wifi controlled outlet to just cut its power? Will the camera boot up reliably any quickly in that case?

Thanks a lot in advance :ok_hand:

If you’re using it with HomeKit Secure video is there as much to be worried about? The video is encrypted before it leave the camera and when stored in iCloud.

I have the same concerns you do when it comes to the cameras and security. I looked into Netatmo but you have to hard wire their outdoor cameras into place. They have a nice indoor camera though, with no subscriptions and on device storage.

From my understanding the uploading of video files to iCloud would be performed by the HomeKit hub (Apple TV, HomePod or stationary iPad etc.). Given that your router is capable enough you could limit the camera to internal network only. By that they would be able to communicate with the HomeKit hub, but not send or receive any data to/from the internet.

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The 2K pan & tilt does not work solely with Homekit.
Don’t know about the 2K, but I think that one does.

This means you will have to keep the eufy app around to configure them.

that’s very unfortunate, but they are just 49,-

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Turns out that you can’t block it.
The camera actually requires internet access when booting up (and calling home). Only afterwards you can revoke access. That makes it unreliable in case of power outages.

They are only $35 on Amazon right now according to iMore. Now is the time to grab one.

Really…Anker is a brand that is wholly Chinese owned.

I have Anker products but there is a difference between a lightning cable and cloud storage of video data.

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