Europe trip connectivity suggestions

Looking for suggestions to stay (appropriately) connected while visiting Europe.

This summer my daughter and I will travel from the US to Barcelona, Madrid, and Munich with her class. The trip will last less than two weeks,

Equipment: two iPhone X[s]'s, locked on AT&T. (EDIT: These are ten-X’s. The plural of Xs. :slight_smile:)

What makes the most sense?

Thank you!

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When we go abroad I just get AT&T Passport for both our phones. It’s not the cheapest way but for me it’s the least bother.

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It you’re locked into AT&T you have three options

  • Pay AT&T to unlock your phones, buy local SIM cards on landing.
  • Pay AT&T for a roaming package
  • Pocket Wi-fi (a MiFi), with a local sim in.
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Or just be content with hotel and public wifi. Myself I enjoy the disconnection which also saves quite a bit of $$$. Having said that, roaming packages have really come down recently if you can tame the data usage. $15 for 1gig over 6 days with no sim swap hassle is pretty good.

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tip: in Europe 1 sim should be enough for all countries if roaming is allowed on that sim. You can then use it in the entire EU without extra charge.

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Yeah, just get a normal subscription without any contract period at your first stop, pay for a month, and then use it throughout. The only problem is you might have to have a local address, but just use the hotel. Just remember to cancel before the month is out.
Also, if in doubt ask at the hotel before the phone store - the hotel wants to help you, the phone store wants the opposite :wink:

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Are you sure they are locked phones? Reason I ask is that if purchased via Apple Upgrade Program, the devices are actually unlocked. If you bought them through AT&T Next, then yes, they are locked and your options are quite limited, as AT&T won’t unlock a device until it is fully paid off (if purchased on Next installment program). Your options with AT&T are Passport and International Day Pass, the last one probably too expensive for your use case.

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They are part of the NEXT program.