Evernote..Anyone Still Using It?

You can certainly print as a PDF, just like with word documents, jpgs, excel spreadsheets, power points, etc.

So far I haven’t had an issue with Evernote. It’s not perfect, but haven’t found something better. It is my filling cabinet and I love that other services can plug into it directly. I haven’t found a better solution that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance.

For example, I have a service that sends statements to evernote. I’ve got a saved search that looks for notes / files that are not tagged with filed and came rom that service. it’s a custom inbox for the statements I haven’t reviewed. Once I’m done reviewing I add the tag filed and it’s out of the inbox but retains all the tags that came in with the service. Similar for scans from my snapscan. What is the better option?

If you use the Edit Menu function under Print to PDF you can select a program from the Applications folder. I’ve added Notes which allows me to “Print” any text directly to the Notes app.

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Thanks @WayneG I do use this: I’ve added Evernote, MarginNote, Yoink and a few Folders that trigger automation routines.

Actually that Folder addition alone is really worth trying if you haven’t done it before.

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@ldebritto I never thought about adding a folder. Thanks!

Very well noted, @Jeremy! It could even be easily automated via AppleScript.

I thought @MacSparky was referring to the PDF attachments on a note as that is usually the file that goes into a paperless filing system…

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Very handy for receipts!

Oh yes, you could be right about that too. Especially if you’re attaching PDFs or Pictures of something like receipts. Save those to a folder, run some Hazel magic if you want, and off you go.

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I am afraid this is incorrect.
Evernote does export notes in PDF format.

Evernote’s web capture feature is still hard to beat. While many apps copy snippets of website along with links back, EN can capture the entire page.

This has saved me multiple times as many of the websites have been ghosted for various reasons and I can still retain the historical content.

While you can print to PDF as others suggested, various export options would be the feature that would give EN a kick in the pants.

However, their focus is on the back-end putting it on a common structure. This drastic change in underlying code will be fraught with issues as it is like starting over.

Additionally, the focus is on Spaces which is aimed at the business users with subscription fee.

What is disherating is EN’s lack of engagement with the users and it totally one way. No Forum, No transparency into the roadmap. Their Behind the Scenes YouTube videos all have comments off.

I did get a response on EN’s Twitter but the response of “Hope So” Hope is not a strategy.

Apparently, I got a smok’n deal at $1.94 a month so it is still and will remain part of my workflow serving the functional of reference mainly of documentation and web captures that lends itself to the file cabinet folder/tag structure.

I find them Evernote to be pretty responsive on their forums, but to be fair, I’m active I their preview forum, so that’s probably why. I know they are putting a lot of work into their new rewrite of code and it’s looking pretty great so far. I think this is definitely a case of really big work going on that’s not always super exciting.

Yes it appears that Evernote was created on multiple platforms with different structures and this is a monumental task to unify while not affecting the large user base.

Apparently, this will allow feature expansion in the future but that probably will be 1>2 years from now.

In the meantime, there is Roam Research and Obsidian that are trending. I see a market for both and never thought of Evernote to be a knowledge management system but more of a repository.

@Jeremy would you happen to know if additional export functionality are on the Roadmap at Evernote?

Besides Twitter does Evernote have a user Forum?

I’m considering going back to Evernote as a sort of filing cabinet for stuff I might need later.

I have been using keep it for the past year but I just prefer Evernote. I’m contemplating trying out DevonThink but Evernote just works for me

They do have a user form at dicsussion.evernote.com

Someone has raised the issue of exporting via PDF for sharing for those who are not hip to the Evernote lifestyle. It was said that it is on their roadmap.


How long have we been hearing that?


Long have we been hearing that How

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One thing I still pay for EN is the access to my Evernote data on windows pc. I find that option occasionally useful for pulling up old notes or scans on my wife’s desktop windows PC. Yes we still have those around :grin:. I don’t use web capture, but I still can’t find anything that works well for things like my scanner pro shortcuts like Evernote does. Plus I have a large database of notes and moving that to something else is a project I don’t look forward to.

That’s the frustrating thing about EN. Depending on how you use it, there are no really great alternatives. But should it cost more than Microsoft 365? Nope.

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Tell me more about this deal. How?


Really good tip @WayneG. Many thanks.

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