Evernote - I have restarted

I first subscribed to Evernote in 2008. I have been a subscriber on and off since then, mostly off. However have tried it out recently and am pleasantly surprised.

I am using it really as a thinking, brainstorming and project management tool. I am retired now and dont really want GTD, or a barrage of reminders. I want to gently sit and think about things and plan.

The new Home view is really great and the scratchpad is fantastic. I sit down in the morning and jot down 3 things i want to do today…I’m retired so i figure 3 things every day is pretty good.

The only thing to remember is it isn’t end to end encrypted so no important documents. I use DEVONthink as my everything bucket and Evernote for brainstorming/planning and that’s it. No reminders or GTD app.