Evernote Layoffs

This may be hearsay, but it doesn’t seem so


This appears to be the original source of the news.


Yes, from February. Never good to see layoffs, hard to say it could improve the app. All companies see growth that needs trimming and acquisitions normally come in and trim overheads. The question is whether this kills future growth, as the normal reduction in cost leading to competitive pricing has not shone through to the consumer.

There are people showing up on LinkedIn that were laid off in the last day or so as well. One mentioned that the whole team was laid off. Sad to see that vs moving people to other teams internally.

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I somehow still have the $45/year Evernote Premium plan going (renews later this month). The myriad price hikes have actually prompted me to keep it for the time being, since I’ll definitely never get that deal again. But the coming months may tell the tale that turns me away from them for good. We shall see.

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The announcement made today by the CEO of Evernote on their news page:


Those separation benefits appear on par with those at big tech layoffs in the last year, at least.

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Just cancelled my auto-renewal.

Reason: Other


“I don’t like Bending Spoons”

I wanted to believe in Evernote but I could never truly commit to the app.

If Bending Spoons is honest and also decides to add features like markdown support and local files( for indexed, etc), they might be able to save Evernote.

Most importantly is to identify their target market and stick there. When I jumped off the EN wagon 3 years ago, they were trying to enter the business market but they push business features on non-business users, which was the tipping point for me. Well, that and the lack of markdown support.

It sounds like it’s too late to save the employees, but I hope that current customers don’t get ripped off after the transition is completed.

Then you have not yet recognized the truth: there is no spoon.


They appear to be a major company in Italy. I recognize some of their investors, Bradley Cooper, Eric Schmidt, Andre Agassi, and John Burbank.

But I have no plans to go back to Evernote.

Their website makes it seem like they’ve just got so much creative talent they willed amazing things into existence. Truth is I was happy with Remini before their acquisition and needless insertion of AI features while raising the price 500%

Evernote will likely gain the same needless feature-creep to justify $130 dollars a year for the mid-level plan. Though honestly Evernote was already on the path of inserting features outside the Note taking scope that were just better suited to extant vendors. Rather than collaboration Evernote took to building higher walled gardens.

Their website reminds me of the garden where I buy my tech. :grinning:

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The layoffs are real. Bending Spoons seems to follow the CA Model of acquisition (CA Technologies - Wikipedia). Buy a tech company, ramp up the prices, promise the world and setoff a neutron bomb.

I still have >2K of articles to thoughtfully migrate or delete. Luckily my renewal isn’t for another 10 mths.