Every contact in Mac Contacts is duplicated 79 times, but only on the Mac

Using Google for contacts. Is correct in the browser, on iPhone contacts and iPad, but in Mac Contacts, every contact is duplicated 79 times. Upgraded from High Sierra to Mojave, same exact situation. Any ideas?

Have you tried merging duplicate contacts on the Mac?

Is the duplication in the “on my mac” contacts?
i.e. does is show the icloud account / google account and a “on my mac” folder for all contacts?

if so, what happens when you switch that one off and delete it?

(and have you tried removing the google account and re-adding it?)

iCloud files/documents are always the canonical versions. Merging occurs on the Mac and syncs to the cloud, where it then propagates to all Mac/iOS devices.

Try it with one contact and see how it works for you.

There are zero contacts in “on my Mac”. all contacts are in the google account. I have turned that google account on and off multiple times and all contacts (with their 79 duplicates) come back each time. I even downloaded a trial of third party contact managers and they see every contact 79 times too. And, again, the contacts are correct (no duplicates) in the view on iPhone, iPad, and in gmail in a browser.

I’ll try merging duplicates. I had resisted since the duplicates were only in one view of the contacts (not in the iPhone, iPad, and gmail on the web). Also, the contacts on the Mac have been fine for the last 3 years, just one day in the last month or so the number of contacts just multiplied by 79 times.

Maybe there’s some plist or something that is saved on your computer? I don’t know where it would be located but that would be my guess. One easyish way to test is to use a 2nd username/login on your mac and then setup the google contacts to check.