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Please could I ask your advice on an IOS shortcut I’m trying to build,

I’m looking to run a shortcut on my iPhone, which only runs every other Sunday at a set time say 6 pm? I just can seem to find the best way to get this to run correctly. do I set an event in the ical, or an if statement for that day?

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You could set up a Personal Automation in Shortcuts that will run every Sunday. You could then use Data Jar to log the date that it last ran. When running the Shortcut, check Data Jar to see if the Shortcut should execute or exit on this particular Sunday.

If you have Pushcut Pro, you can get the Shortcut to submit itself to run again in 2 weeks time. If you also have Pushcut Server Extended, you will be able to run the Shortcut without any interaction* (no tapping on a notification)

*depending on what actions the Shortcut is executing. Some things still need a notification tapping.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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Thanks Tony, this is some great advice!! - the Shortcuts is just a number of steps such as setting the device to Airplane mode, muting the volume for a set period of time and turning on the wifi/off.

Would you mine expanding on the Pushcut / Data Jar idea?. the shortcut is only to run once every 14 days,


Personal Automations in Shortcuts can only be set on fairly simple schedules. For your “run it every other Sunday” requirement, you will need to run the Shortcut every Sunday and then check if this is the Sunday when your actions should happen or not.

Data Jar is a free app that allows the storage of data between executions of a Shortcut. Basically, write the date of execution of the Shortcut to Data Jar and then when the Shortcut runs on subsequent Sundays, check if 14 days have past. If it is only 7 days since the last execution, exit the Shortcut without any other actions.

Sample Shortcut

You can set the Personal Automation to also run without confirmation if you want to.

From your description of turning on Airplane mode etc, you may want to write a second Shortcut to turn Airplane mode off again at a specific time.

Hope this helps.