Excel for Mac not pasting formulas to adjacent cells. Instead pasting text

Hi everyone,
I have MBP 2018 with MS Excel for Mac 16.20 part of Office 365 subscription. When I paste a formula to adjacent cell, instead of pasting the formula with relative references it paste the result of formula from copied cell. I have tried converting entire sheet to “numbers” or “general” format with same results. I can duplicate this problem with a screencast. Thanks in advance.

I recall that happening to me when I had opened a CSV text file, but hadn’t yet saved it to a proper Excel file. Can you confirm this still happens after you SAVE AS the file to an Excel format?

Are you running Copied or similar clipboard manager? If so try disabling it and see if the problem goes away.

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Yep, I was about to ask you what @lsamberg just did. It seems very odd and most likely has something to do with a clipboard manager and/or setting.

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Thank you everyone! It seems to be the clipboard manager (Copied). I disabled it and everything works.


Great… I use Copied, also, and noticed that some of the Office apps “sometimes” misbehave when it is enabled. Excel drove me crazy for about 30 minutes until I figured out what was going on.

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