Exceptions to Mail rules

I am using a rule in Mac Mail to help me filter all the crap I get from god knows were to a folder called unsubscribe. The rule simply looks for teh phrase “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” and then if found moves it to this folder. However there are some email that come from legitimate sources that I don’t want to filer. Is there someway to create a whitelist so the rules will not process emails from such sources?

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I’m not well acquainted with Mail.app’s filtering options, but I thought I’d point out that one of the options in the free MailButler tier is an opt-out button on top of every incoming newsletter. (Review here.)

A simple way would be to add the Sender of the emails that you want to keep to Contacts then add a rule parameter that the “sender is not in my contacts” + your unsubscribe keywords.

Here is a process I created to filter incoming emails that may assist you, includes a process to capture Senders to Contact Groups - https://medium.com/@iaindunn/email-triage-on-the-cheap-c0a41eef2913


Or you could create another rule to which you add whatever conditions apply to your whitelist sources, and select “Stop evaluating rules” as the action. If you place that rule above your “unsubscribe” rule in the list, I believe it will indeed “stop evaluating” for the other rules below if the incoming email fits the conditions.