Exchange Task list not Syncing with Reminders

Good Morning All,

I too am a reluctant Windows users (loving the thread on this!) - I am happily using reminders as my task manager and my tasks sync well on my iPad, iPhone and Mac (running macOS12)… but the task lists (the default one, I guess) does NOT show up on the Mac running the Ventura beta

- All the other lists are there, just not the default one… but, as I mentioned, that tasks list does show up on my other devices - is this just a Ventura thing?

Bumping this…. I installed Ventura yesterday and my tasks in my Exchange accounts are not Syncing with the Reminders app in Ventura. The accounts appear to be listed in the sidebar, but are not available or clickable, and none of the tasks are there. It all works in iOS and IPadOS though.

Any ideas for fixes?

I had the same issue with my new Ventura installation. I ended up deleting the account and re-adding it. It took a bit of time, but eventually the tasks started to sync to the Reminders app.

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Thanks, I’ll give this a try.

Thanks, this worked for me. I deleted my exchange accounts, restarted my iMac then added them back, and after about 5-6 minutes the synced Tasks from the Exchange accounts started to populate. Thanks for the assist! :kissing_heart:

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