Experience with "ancient" Scansnap S1100 Work with new Scansnap Home Software?

I notice that the new Scansnap Software which appears to be required to run Fujitsu software on Mojave does no support their S1100 scanner. They report it works on the i1100. Yea, I know my S1100 is old and runs with a USB wire instead of fancy wireless, but heck–it works and works fine. I especially like the software.

Anyone have experience with the new software on the “ancient” S1100?

Hesitant to go down the upgrade path if it will end in tears.

Good question. I’m wondering the same about my S500M which is reportedly not compatible with the new Home software.

While I know that is an old scanner, I’m disappointed that Fujitsu has chosen to sunset scanners still in everyday use by so many of us.

If anyone has tried the okdermscanners with the new Home software, please let us know if it worked or not.

This Fujitsu page shows that no 64-bit software will be made available for many older versions of ScanSnap scanners, including my S1300. This will make them inoperable with future versions of MacOS. I bought that scanner based on MPU’s recommendations and am appalled at Fujitsu’s attitude. I’d like to hear David and Katie take them to task for this. Obsoleting a fine, working product which is not really old (I bought my S1300 shortly before the S1300i was released) is unconscionable.

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Hi All,
Did you reach out to their support line? I think they have some workarounds for old scanners.

Yes, I called the support line. They say that the Current version of the software (v6.3 L70) works with MacOS 10.14.1, but may not work with any higher version, and certainly won’t work with 10.15 next year. They refuse to upgrade the software on older model scanners. It’s enough to drive one to Epson.

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I have a ScanSnap S1300 running under macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6. It is working just find but I would like to upgrade to the newest version of macOS. I purchased the S1300 in June 2012.

If I have to replace the unit, I will. I scan about 3 to 5 pages a week. So I do not need a $500.00 unit. Does the S1300i work with macOS 10.14 - Mojave? I am open for any ideas.

Of course, if I do not need macOS 10.14 - Mojave that would be ok to stay with High Sierra.

I too bought an S1300 a couple of months before the S1300i was released. The S1300 is still a perfectly fine scanner and the hardware has many years of productive life left to go.

However, it seems that Fujitsui intends to prematurely and deliberately kill this perfectly good hardware by refusing to update the associated software. That’s not very eco-friendly or user-friendly is it?

Poor show Fujitsu.

I’d like to hear David and Katy lobby for Fujitsu to do the right thing and reverse this questionable decision.

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Agree. I am using S1300 on High Sierra - SnapScan version Everything is just fine.

I may not update to 10.14 macOS, the reason is I have to many Excel worksheets that are 32 byte. I am using Excel 2011 for the Mac.

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Mojave works with 32bit apps. It’s the next version that won’t.

I agree that it’s terrible if Fujitsu indeed does kill off older scanner support after Mojave (i have an S1100 that still works great for my needs). But I’ve always thought the Scansnap software is great but a little clunky…this seems like a great opportunity for Readdle or Smile or some other company to make some great scanning software that incorporated Hazel type rules for processing documents (although supposedly the new Scansnap Home software does this?). I would switch to something like that in a heartbeat and whatever scanner supported it.

It looks like Scansnap Home supports the S1100, actually. I just went to download the software and in the list of supported devices it says “Scanner models ScanSnap iX1500 / iX500 / iX100 / S1300i / S1100i / S1100 / SV600.” I wonder if it’s a typo?

So get to the list of supported devices I said I had an S1100i :slight_smile: but then S1100 is listed as being supported. Strange!

I have an S300M really old. Still works thought with the old software linked to Devnothink