Experimenting with iPad arrangements using house-hold objects

Apparently I have a new hobby. :smiley:

I’ve posted a couple of times in a few threads about experimenting with different iPad arrangements. My recent favorite is using the Smart Keyboard Folio to put the iPad into an A-Frame for use with an external keyboard. I do a lot of typing for podcast transcription and am currently exploring options for elevation the iPad. Yes, I could just purchase a stand like a normal person. But I sort of enjoy coming up with other options. Preferably simple, possibly using found household objects. Since I’ve been doing the A-Frame I thought it might be nice if I had something very simple and easy that would quickly elevate the iPad in the same configuration. Enter a wood block that I had in a shed. This allows for two elevations both of which are still very stable and also is deep enough that I can angle the iPad as needed.

Anyone else doing this sort of experimenting with their iPads?


The girlfriend was trying to figure out setting up the iPad so she could watch Netflix while doing some ironing, she’d taken up Saxophone lessons recently so I dragged out her music stand & set the iPad up on that. Worked out perfect! :slight_smile:


Bamboo tea box with internsl dividers removed for storage spsce


I have a new one. Since installing iPadOS beta on my old Air 2 I’m spending more time with that device. Side-note: the 9.7 form factor sure feels small and light after regularly using my 12.9 everyday! Anywhoo, I’d recently built a simple wood stand for outside use. I keep my iPad Pro on top and normally use the Logitech K811 (all-time favorite keyboard). But it occurred to me that this would be great for using the other Logitech keyboard, K480 which also has the quick switch for multiple devices. It’s not as nice to type on but has a convenient slot for the smaller iPad.

Another side-note about using multiple iPads. It’s excellent when I’ve got a newsletter or other document that I’m designing. I have the clients source document, usually Word or a pdf open on the smaller iPad. I can then focus on the layout using Pages or Affinity on larger iPad. I use the smaller iPad for referencing client notes/instructions and also using handoff to copy-paste the source text and images from the Air 2 to the Pro works great.

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