Exporting a smaller image from Apple Photos

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I just tried to reduce the size of a photo in my library so I could share it. Sure, I have both Affinity Photo and Photoshop installed, but is there really no feature in Photos to resize an image? (I know it can be done via Shortcuts as well, but why should I have to - I hardly think resizing is an unreasonable expectation.)

Hoping I am just overlooking a stupid long-press option or whatever.


Resizing photographs is part of exporting them.

If you don’t see the resizing options, look for the disclosure triangle at the top right of the export window. You should options for pre-set sizes, and you can set your own (it’s .

Note: you set the aspect ratio by cropping the photo in the main photos app. That is, when you set your own size, you are setting only either the max width or height (not both).

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Not finding the “Export” option on iOS, unfortunately.

(I might have been a bit fuzzy on the OS - sorry about that :slight_smile: )

Whoops, sorry, my instructions were for macOS.

I’ve never resized to specific dimensions on iOS. In the distant past, I’ve used Mail to get a smaller size. But that’s not a great option.

I don’t think it’s possible to do this within Photos. Apple expects you to just let it figure everything out, depending on how you are sharing the photo. Which is fine until you really do need control!

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Thanks @margaretamartin, that was what I was suspecting. Apple “magic” will only get you so far… That photo in print resolution was way to big for the service I wanted to share a copy of it on.

Not that I’m a stranger to workarounds, but I was slightly surprised to find such a basic feature missing from iOS after all these years.

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For completeness’ sake (and for anyone else interested and coming across this thread in the future), yes, this can indeed be accomplished on iOS & iPadOS using a simple shortcut.

Here’s a video with the instructions and the link to download the shortcut. You can share one or more pictures to the shortcut using the share sheet from Photos, or launch the shortcut independently and select the images from there.


This app works for me…

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