Exporting HRV and sleep data!

Hey all,

I’m in a self quantification phase to help narrow down causes of positive and negative health / emotions.

I’ve setup an airtable where I track a number of items manually at 4 intervals during the day. I just use DUE with a link to an airtable form to enter the data - pretty simple workflow, but so far working well!

I want to input my HRV and sleep data into the airtable and start analysing some trends.

My issue is finding a good solution for exporting these metrics.

For HRV - I just watch it through Apple health (open to an app to export it).

For sleep I use AutoSleep.

Any suggestions or created shortcuts?

I’ve used Toolbox Pro to export health data leveraging shortcuts. You could even automate sending to Airtable.

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HealthFit might help. I know it can export that data to google sheets, there are other destinations too.

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