Express VPN Question

Kept hearing the guys run the ad for Express VPN on Focused…signed up for the trial, but think I discovered one huge flaw in the design for my use…

I use a VPN at home on all my devices, including phone.

I accidentally discovered that the VPN was still active when I left the house and was on cellular data.

Figured I missed a setting, but couldn’t find the button to “connect on wifi only.”

Chatted with support and they said currently that feature is only available on Android?!

Did we miscommunicate, or is this ADHD brain of mine going to have to choose a VPN that only connects on wifi?

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AFAIK ExpressVPN is manual on/off only. However it is so fast I have on occasion forgotten and left it on for days at a time with no problems.


I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t want it on when you use cellular?

I am just the opposite, off on WiFi (in my case home), on when on cellular

I thought I would leave it permanently on but I found the battery drain to be very significant. That could be one reason - but I don’t feel cellular is any more secure than home wifi.

I’ll note that can switch on/off automatically depending on what network you’re connected to.

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I used to be an user and preferred its features to ExpressVPN but it had become very unreliable for me. Kept dropping out without me noticing. ExpressVPN isn’t perfect either but it generally stays working for days at a time.


Did you ever find a cellular setting ?