Extended keyboard recommendations?

Family member is looking for an extended keyboard for their Mac. Needs to be wireless, have a number pad, and, of course, be reliable. Any recommendations? Apple? Logitech MX Keys? Something else? Thanks.

I’ve been using the Logitech MX Keys for around six months and I really like the keyboard. It charges via USB C and can be paired with three different devices. There are three function keys that allow you to toggle between devices, be they connected via BlueTooth and the included USB dongle (the USB dongle is a USB A connection). The keys are also backlit.

Overall I have found this to be a very reliable keyboard that does not drop connection to the selected device. Both the USB dongle and BlueTooth connections have beeb very stable. The keys do not make a lot of noise when typing (I am not a fan of the mechanical keyboard ‘clicky’ sound) and I find typing on it to be very comfortable. I am not doing massive amounts of writing, such as long reports that run to several thousand words, but the documents I have had to write have not been affected by using this keyboard. I was using a Logitech K780 previously and I find the MX Keys a better typing experience. I found that I often missed keys on the K780. The keys on the K780 are round, with a dish/dip in the middle of each key. The MX Keys has square keys, although each does have a dish/dip in the middle. I find the square shape of the keys on the MX Keys easier to press and miss keys far less often.

Hope this helps,
Darran West


Appreciate that informative review—thanks Darran! The person looking for a keyboard isn’t interested in mechanical keyboards and isn’t doing much writing, so your comments are very helpful.

Currently typing on the Logi Ergo K860 and I love it. Connects via Bluetooth or USB-A dongle, just like the MX Keys. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for though.

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Thanks. I’ll pass that one along as well.

I second @darranwest! The MX Keys keyboard is really good and allows for fast switching between multiple devices. However, I still prefer the Apple Magic Keyboard with extended number pad. I’m anxious to see how the new feature of sharing a mouse/keyboard will work in the upcoming OSes. If it’s really solid, I could see myself going back to an Apple keyboard.

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I am using a Logitech Craft keyboard, it may be a bit pricy but the quality is outstanding and can connect to 3 devices and switch between them , including Windows PC

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I’ve been quite happy with the variety of wired and wireless Apple extended keyboards I’ve used over the years. I don’t like the short keyboards as I like the numeric pad and split cursor keys. The fingerprint sensor on my M1 iMac keyboard has been a bonus.

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A couple of other considerations:

  • If the person is a “ten-key” type person (used to using a desk calculator or doing data entry)
  • and/or has longer fingernails

they might prefer a keyboard with taller keycaps and more travel than something like the Apple Extended keyboard or the Logi MX Keys.

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+1 for MX keys

If the Mac in question is an M1 do also consider the new Apple wireless keyboard with touchID

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My Logitech MX is awesome. You can also turn on the backlight. It’s got a nice weight to it so it doesn’t slide off. I tried a MacAlly keyboard at a friend’s house and it slipped a bit when typing.

I put my endorsement on the Logitech MX.


I have the Logitech wireless keyboard with round keys that can be paired to three devices. I quite like it, though the round keys do get annoying sometimes. It’s nice to be able to switch among devices without changing keyboards. The batteries seem to last forever too, even using it 8+ hours a day on weekdays.

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I have used the MX Keys for quite some time, love it! It does extend the reach if you use the mouse on the right side though, but it sure is nice to have fast access to numeric input and separated arrow keys. Highly recommended!

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Thanks for all of the comments and feedback everyone—really appreciate it! I’ve been using a Logitech K380 for some time now and have found it to work well. I originally purchased it for travel purposes, but ended up liking it enough to use it all the time. Anyways, looks like I’ll be ordering another Logitech keyboard then—the MX Keys—based on the amount of positive feedback here!

Another +1 for Logi MX Keys. I use it with 3 devices.

There’s one little glitch when I am using Windows and switch to other Logi Keyboards - previoiusly command = Windows start and opt = alt. However on this keyboard, command = alt and opt = Windows start.
So when I go into the office and use my old Logitech solar keyboard, I have to remember to reboot muscle memory to the old way for Start and ctrl alt del.

The Logitech solar keyboard is also an extended keyboard for a single device. I like it but my keyboard lives in a keyboard drawer, and the solar one didn’t get enough daylight in there. I felt it defeated the purpose to leave it under a desk lamp to charge up. I keep an Anker 6 port USB power supply in the drawer and can charge up mice, keyboards and more as necessary.