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So I’ve been playing with a few external keyboards. I have a Zag Folio case for my iPad Pro M2 (11”) and love it. There are a few things I particularly like - the ability to pair it with both my iPad and iPhone (I can switch between devices by using what are essential the F1 and F2 buttons), I can easily toggle to show all apps, etc, and greatly appreciate it.

I have a few older Mac branded Bluetooth keyboards and was using them around the house with my stationary setup for the iPad (which I’m using sometimes over my 2018 MBP) and really wanted the ability to switch between devices like in my Zag folio case, as well as wanting a full keyboard with the number pad, etc.

I found a relatively inexpensive BT keyboard on amazon… $40 USD for a full Bluetooth keyboard that will switch between 2 devices via Bluetooth and allow a 3rd with a 2.4G dongle, so I can plug it into the doc for my MPB in the even I ever want to use it on that.

What I miss are the function key operations. There keys are all labeled and there are keys for OS, Android, and Win, but what I’d really like to do is reprogram them similar to the Zag keyboard. At least for two of the keys - one that locks the iPad and another that goes from whatever app I’m in to the screen that shows all open apps.

Anyone know how to do that on the new iPads, or is that even possible?

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With any hardware keyboard connected go to General>Keyboard>Modifier Keys. You can set something like caps lock to be the globe key. Then you can use the system wide globe modifier keys including Globe+Up Arrow to show Multitasking (showing all open apps in grid). I don’t know of a shortcut that will lock the screen.

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Hey MPU Fam,

I just have a dumb update to this. Just as I was about to toss the towel in on this keyboard, I noticed something that I’d missed all along. And felt quite stupid.

Above the +/= and Backspace keys on the keyboard (full sized with a number pad) are three keys - OS, Android, and WIN.

Once I pressed OS, all the keys were correctly programed to work with my Mac. I do want to remap a few to match the Zagg keyboard case on my iPad, but those are specific to the iPad.

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