External drives do not show in finder sidebar

Hello, I have three external hard drives connected to my Mac mini. Today I went on the computer and they don’t show in the Finder sidebar. They were showing and working fine yesterday.

  • icons are on desktop
  • am able to view drives and its contents
  • drives appear in About this Mac>storage
  • powered off the Mini and checked that all connections are good
  • double checked Finder preferences - external hard drive is on for sidebar
  • disks appear in disk utility

This has never happened before. I Googled my problem and the solutions seem to either be that I have to reformat my disks or do things above my computer ability.

Please help me Mac Obi Wans, you’re my only hope.


Have you tried dragging the disk icons into the sidebar?
I had an external that I “removed from sidebar” and that was the only way I found to get it back.


If you can do this your drives do not need to be reformatted.

@JohnAtl Thank you so much!!! Brilliant!!!

I KNEW posting something on MPU forum would do the trick.

Thank you!!!


Yes, thank you. I don’t know much at all compared to people on this forum, but I do know that. I know the external drives were good, just not visible! Thank you for the reply!