External Monitor Died

Hey MPU,

It looks like my Dell P2715Q officially died. I have tried connecting it to several MacBooks via HDMI or DisplayPort…its all a crapshoot. Even tried new wires just to be sure, still the same.

So…what do use and what are your recommendations?

My usage…

  1. Macbook Pro hooks up (never moves) - I may have to upgrade this to a Mac Mini (or something). Noticing the battery bulge on it.
  2. Connect my Nintendo Switch
  3. Connect PS4 (and now the PS5)


My first thought is unplug your MacBook. A bulging battery is a fire hazard.

And I’ve always used Dell monitors, currently a P2415Q, so I’d probably check out their current offerings.


I just upgraded to the LG UltraFine 32" Ergo. I love that the stand is an arm. I’m actually planning on adding a second ergo ultrawide. If you have USB-C it’s a fantastic upgrade. If you’re looking for retina quality then you should check out this article by Casey Liss explaining what to look for: https://www.caseyliss.com/2017/5/17/retina-monitors

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The monitor has died, it’s on its last legs. Flickering has been increasing since I made this post.


  1. will be hooked up to the new Mac Mini M1
  2. needs to have (if possible) 1-2 HDMI ports for my gaming (PS5 and Switch)

Any recommendations for a 4K monitor? The old one is 27”, so the same size would be nice, but I am willing to hear / read / watch other options if it works out.

Comment away!