External SSD (Samsung T7) and My New MBP 16

Hi all… Here’s an interesting one for the pros out there… I’ll start by saying I’m having a hard time getting Time Machine to finish its first back up on my new 16 inch M1 MacBook Pro. It goes through the whole motions and then stops and there’s a dialogue that says waiting to complete first back up. I say this because it may be part of the problem I’m looking to fix now… I made a synchronization of my home folder using chronos sync express of my computer as a back up because Time Machine wasn’t working… Now when I plug that hard drive in - it’s a Samsung T7 - the entire finder hangs. Anyone else seeing this?

OK - Let me try this again… I think my question was unnecessarily confusing. I have a Samsung T7 - which I reformatted via Disk Utlity to erase and use as a Sync Disk for Chronosync Express. I managed to do 1 sync and put it on the shelf for a week… When I plug the disk into ANY M1 computer it essentially “hangs” the computer …when I disconnect (I just pull out the USB C because I can’t do any finder actions) The computer works fine.

Any Ideas?? and How do I even reformat if I have to ??


A few reports of similar- mentioned on this weeks ATP

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Thanks. I will follow - Its weird for sure.