Faces in photos iOS not detected or recognized

I just noticed that I have quite a few faces in photos that are not being recognized as faces. Is there anything that can be done to rescan or add an unrecognized face to a photo? What’s interesting is that these are not obscure or awkward angles. they are front facing and fairly large in well lit images.

If you swipe up on the photo, it doesn’t show “People”?

In quite a few images it recognizes all but one person. So, for example, an image with 3 people will only have 2 faces detected. The 3rd face is not detected at all. So swiping up is only showing 2 of the 3.

Does duplicating and cropping to just the unrecognised face get that photo identified? Wondering if it is a threshold thing?

I asked about the People section because sometimes I will get a message in the People album that says to plug in and lock my iPad to finish updating. When I do that, it will pick up more faces.

I find that the faces feature only works about 70% of the time. I have pleasnty of pictures of a very clear face that the phone is not picking up. Others are half obscured in the background and photos reconizes them. I also have the issue where it will take days for a face to be reconized instead of instantly, It’s all very annoying.

However, there is a solution to all of these problems! If you open photos on a mac, find the picutre that doesn’t have the face reconized, then hit “cmd i” that will show information on the picture. There are buttons on that small window to add a face. These manually added faces will sync to your phone and ipad just like normal.

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