Familiar with Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements kept crashing so I used Clean My Mac to uninstall and I’m afraid I was a little hasty. No exaggeration: it has taken at least 35 minutes for the reinstall for it to go from 19% to 20%. I’m thinking probably not but do you think there might be any way to expedite this?

I only use the Photoshop Elements Editor portion of the software. It is very top heavy, so to speak.


Yeah, I’m dreaming. Half hour later it is up to 22%. Egads.

You should use this to clean Adobe products.


I’d say either let it go through or abort it, run that tool, and try again.

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Thank you ever SO much! It finally started moving. It did next to nothing for about two hours but I’ll definitely keep your advice around.

Yes, I dislike the way that Adobe installs its apps – part of why I won’t use them anymore. Anyway, when an app uses an installer, you usually (always?) need to use their uninstaller to get rid of it.

Clean My Mac does mention that their uninstaller is only for apps you were able to drag into the Applications folder to install, but it is easy to miss that warning.

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Thanks, Karl! I had no idea! I appreciate the explanation. That makes sense. The darn thing is at a standstill again but at least it is almost finished.