Family Sharing Issue in iOS

Hi All,

I use family sharing on our iOS devices with my 13 and 10 year old daughters.

Is there, within the iOS app or settings, a way to prevent my 10 year old from seeing and/or downloading apps that either I or the older daughter have installed?

Example - My 13 year old has Snapchat, as do I (though I don’t use it). Is there a way to prevent my 10 year old from reviewing the apps we’ve downloaded it and also downloading Snapchat?

Thanks in advance,


Since there’s no Mac Snapchat app, I assume you’re only asking about iOS.

iOS is currently designed as a single-user OS and there’s no guest-login that restricts access to or visibility of installed apps on your device.

If you’re set up as the “Family Organizer” for Family Sharing, you could just restrict your kids’ access to the App Store entirely on their devices.

Thanks, I will edit my post accordingly. It is iOS - family sharing allows each family member to “see” all of the apps downloaded by other family members.

I’ll look for the restriction setting. Thanks for the heads up.