Fancy Bullet Lists in Mac Mail

I’m trying to make a bullet list in Mac Mail, but I need to use checkmarks instead of bullet marks. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way. Am I missing something?


I could even use an emoji, but I can’t figure out how to have the indents correct doing that. Suggestions? I really need checkmarks!

PS. This will be a longer-ish bullet list so text wrapping will be important.


If this is something you won’t be doing frequently, it might be best to use TextEdit to compose the message – where you can create custom bullets – then paste that into Mail.

I tried that, but when I paste it into Mail it converts to boring bullets. I have rich text turned on in Mail. Am I missing something?

I am unaware of how to get a checked box in the Apple Mail program… I normally use Option+V to create a check mark like this √

Hope it helps!


I’d use the checked-box emoji - but I’m not sure what formatting problems you’re encountering: