Fantastic photo/cinematic review and side-by-side iPhone 13 video

I found this a “must watch”. A professional commercial videographer/film maker (not a Youtube wannabe, but he does 1M+ subscribers) has done a great review of the iPhone 13.

Even if you aren’t a film maker, succinct summary of how different the camera/video capability is in the iPhone 13 versus the 12 and earlier models.

I found the side-by-side shooting of the same scenes lets the view see the differences and not just rely on opinions of some “so-called” experts.

The entire video was shot on iPhone 13 and it looks so much better than most of the other vlogger/YouTube reviews. I guess it shows again that the right skill and experience is more important than the equipment.


Really liked this video. He calls out the benefits but a also the limitations.

As cinematic mode improves I wonder(hope) a lot can be managed by software upgrades and not waiting for the next hardware. Though I’m sure there will be improvements due to better hardware in the future.

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