Fantastical 2 Questions

After reading some great reviews of Fantastical 2, I made the purchase for IPhone and IPad. I have been using it for about two weeks now. Really like the way it looks. That said, I am having what I would like to consider ‘user error’ on a couple of things and thus, seeking advice.

1 - It seems to jump around quite a bit on picking a date when creating a new entry. Example. I start a new entry for today and it may show today as the date or it may show a future date.

2 - Sometimes when creating a new entry the “all day” is automatically toggled on and sometimes it is not.

What am I doing incorrectly here? Thanks!

For my use of Fantastical, and the main reason why I chose it was that I don’t need to use the date picker. I just write in natural language what and when I want to schedule something, and Fantastical figures it out for me. Check out the documentation for the (very simple) syntax, I find it real powerful.


If I can add a query … I find the function that allows you to go directly to a future date very unreliable. Am I using it incorrectly or do others have problems with this?

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I stopped using it; I found the app to be a bit buggy, and the built in natural language for Apple’s calendar app sufficient for my use.

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Thanks all!
Glad I wasn’t the only one. I sure do like the app, I recon that I will try not using the date picker for a few days and see what happens and OF COURSE, do as suggested and re-read the documentation.

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