Fantastical - Accuweather Minutecast


We all know about Fantastical Premium and there are numerous threads on this already.

One unique feature I have found in Fantastical that I have not found anywhere else is Accuweather Minutecast. There are third party weather apps (Carrot Weather, Weatherline), however Accuweather has not provided access to Minutecast to any other third party software except for Fantastical Premium.

What is Minutecast? - provides hourly and Minute by Minute forecasts with Superior Accuracy. People in USA and UK have Darksky. Unfortunately, in Australia the only thing I have found remotely close is Accuweather Minutecast.


Which leads me to the following 2 questions:

  1. Is there any other third party app that has access to Accuweather Minutecast?

  2. Am I crazy to contemplate subscribing to Fantastical for this feature? because previously I had strongly been against paying $40 a year for a calendar app when I know there are many others in the market. Currently, I use Fantastical with grandfathered features as a Fantastical 2 customer.

Just a quick note that the original version of this thread has been edited to remove a call for sharing app subscriptions. We’re letting the rest of the post to stay up to discuss the weather data aspect of Fantastical.


I am hopeful that Dark Sky expands to other countries now that it has the backing of Apple.

I missed rain notifications when I was in New Zealand. Its a worthy feature to have. I dont think Fantastical provides you with a rain alert though. Not sure about this.

Just my 2 cents, I wouldn’t subscribe to Fantastical for the weather information. Although, it seems they are the only wants other than Accuweather that have that particular data.