Fantastical Subscribers: Adding Calendars

hey MPU,

For those who heavily use Fantastical and are subscribers.

Do you have the option “Show Calendars from iOS” enabled?
Or do you add your calendar directly to Fantastical?

Anyone noticed any kind of difference in workflow, sync, etc?
I am utilizing this week to clean out calendars, tasks, email accounts, etc.

I don’t have “Show Calendars from iOS” checked. Adding directly to Fantastical works well and you still have the choice whether to enable a directly added account on a device. E.g., I sign in with my work calendar on personal devices but I don’t sign in with personal on my work devices (they appear in Settings > Accounts as greyed out options I can enable on the work computer.) So I’m not giving up any kind of flexibility by using direct adding.

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I don’t have it selected, and use the Flexibits sync. Zero problems with this setup. I do not have them set up with the default calendar at all as I don’t need it.


I am actually the other way around. I cannot use fantastical for my work calendars. however, I can use fantastical on my work devices as a subscriber and see my personal calendar there. This is handy when booking meeting to check if there is something on the personal calendar that may conflict.

I suppose, I could have added my personal calendar to my work iPhone directly but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that. Now, I am thinking, perhaps, there is no different using fantastical to access personal calendars on work devices as opposed to adding personal calendars on the calendar app on work devices.

I add them directly to Fantastical. I’ve found that it’s more streamlined that way.

Similar to others using Flexisync and adding calendars once and get them in all devices seems to work best for me.