Fast charging on the new MacBook Pros

18% to 83% in 45 minutes! And given how power-efficient these are that represents something like 9 hours of battery life.


Is that using the 96W charger? I just bought an extra one for when my new 14” M1 Max arrives.

It was using a HyperJuice 100w stackable USB-C charger. Smaller than the Apple brick that comes with the 14” MBP and it has more ports. Part of the reason for doing this was to confirm that the HyperJuice would fast charge the laptop.

Doing this test was a bit of a pain because this laptop has such great battery life. :wink: Even with initial backups to Arq and Backblaze hitting the SSD and network it still took forever to run it down to less than 20%.


Holy cow. There goes my wallet :sob:


You’re “in luck”, they are out of stock. :grinning:

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Back in stock now. :stuck_out_tongue: