FastMail Contact Syncing with iOS/macOS

Hey all, so I’ve got a bit of an issue with syncing my FastMail contacts. Whenever I create a new contact on my phone, it goes to the “Global Address Book” which is the “Shared” contact group on Fastmail’s servers. The problem is that macOS only supports a single contact list from Fastmail, so I can’t see the Shared/Global Address Book/whatever-you-want-to-call-it list from macOS.

Has anyone had this problem?

So after a while, I discovered the issue, in case anyone saw this and was interested.

Basically, if you go to the “Groups” section on the upper left of the main contacts page, you have the option of selecting different email groups from your org. The two ones that existed for me by default were “Global Address Book” and “personal”.

If I tapped on “Show All Contacts”, that would enable all the lists, and with all the lists enabled, adding a new contact would default to the Global Address Book. If I disable the Global Address book and only enable “personal”, new contacts will go to the personal list, which allows it to appear in macOS because “personal” is the only list that gets displayed in macOS.

God this feels dumb. To the point where I might file a Radar lol.